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Ultimate Spanish Phrase Finder

Ultimate Spanish Phrase Finder

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2-in-1 Bilingual Dictionary of 75,000 phrases, idioms, and word combinations

Get instant access to thousands of common Spanish phrases

As you know it is next to impossible to deduce the Spanish equivalents of common English phrases such as "take a break" or "have an idea" using only a bilingual dictionary. That's where The Ultimate Spanish Phrase Finder comes in.

Containing 37,000 common phrases and idiomatic expressions in each language, The Ultimate Spanish Phrase Finder gives you invaluable guidance on phrase construction, along with a range of synonyms to choose from. Examples--including common proverbs and book and movie titles--provide you with vivid illustrations of how specific word combinations are used in everyday contexts in Spain and Latin America.

The Ultimate Spanish Phrase Finder is the comprehensive reference to solve your translation dilemmas. From simple constructions such as after all to expressions such as every cloud has a silver lining, you will find the right phrase and, more important, the correct translation to get your message across.

With this book at your fingertips, you will gain the confidence to communicate easily and quickly with native Spanish speakers.

The Ultimate Spanish Phrase Finder includes:

  • More than 37,000 common phrases, idioms, and collocations in Spanish and in English
  • Phrases from both Spain and Latin America
  • Extensive example sentences that show context and usage

Frases equivalentes es la referencia comprensiva para resolver sus dilemas de traducción. Desde expresiones sencillas como después de todo hasta expresiones más complejas tales como no hay mal que por bien no venga usted encontrará la frase adecuada y lo que es más importante, la traducción correcta para ser comprendido.

Con este libro en mano usted adquirirá confianza para comunicarse fácil y rápidamente con personas cuyo idioma materno es el inglés.

Frases equivalentes incluye:

  • 37,000 frases comunes y modismos y sus usos en inglés y español
  • Frases latinoamericanas y españolas
  • Ejemplos de oraciones para mostrar el contexto y el uso

Hardback Book, 947 pages