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English Vocabulary Cards II

English Vocabulary Cards II

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Expand your English Vocabulary even more with English Flash Cards 2!

This is a continuation of the first set of 1,000 English vocabulary cards.

In this set of English vocabulary cards, 1,000 sequentially numbered cards are included, each with a word, its pronunciation, sentence use and definition. In addition, a study guide with an alphabetical word list helps in quick and easy referencing.

Master 1,000 words, a comprehensive selection from those most frequently encountered in academic, employment, and other extensive vocabulary testing programs.

Cards allow you to choose and concentrate on a few words at a time. Progressively extend your vocabulary to enhance school and career opportunities, to increase reading pleasure, and for speaking and writing effectiveness.

Each set of 1000 cards is accompanied by a preface booklet that gives tips for study with special attention to synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, roots and more.

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