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Word Ace Dutch

Word Ace Dutch

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Dutch Language Reference

Word Ace is one of those indispensable tools that you will wonder how you ever lived without. It is a comprehensive translation dictionary and verb conjugation reference in one easy-to-use program.

Imagine being able to access 100,000 word translations instantly! Use Word Ace to translate from English to Dutch or Dutch to English,with meanings clearly separated by category. Always use the exact verb form with the verb conjugator - just enter the verb and Word Ace instantly shows you the proper forms for every tense and person, PLUS a complete explanation of how each tense is used and constructed.

With over 500,000 verb forms, this is one of the most complete verb references available anywhere! And, you can play fun games while you master the language. The verb game and synonym game will help you master two of the most important aspects of any language - you'll have fun doing it! The verb game is a timed-response game that puts a real premium on your ability to properly conjugate a verb form.

The synonym game will help you expand your vocabulary - Dutch or English or BOTH! Use Word Ace alongside your E-Mail, Word Processor or Web Browser and connect with the world. Get instant translations of words from one language into the other - and then continue reading or writing your messages.

Word Ace is your indispensable tool for correct use of the Dutch Language.

(Word Ace Dutch does not have word pronunciation)