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Writing Better English

Writing Better English

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Improve Your Writing Skills at Your Own Pace

Writing in any language can be a tricky skill to acquire; writing in a second language can be even more difficult. As an ESL student, you need to have a solid understanding of grammar basics, vocabulary, and tense usage. Now, Writing Better English helps you improve your writing skills with a series of easy-to-follow exercises and practical writing activities that allow you to apply what you've learned and keep track of your progress.

You'll being by assessing your readiness to write, working with basic grammatical structures such as verb tenses, conjunctions and pronouns. Then, you'll move on to sentence writing, where you'll complete sentences with original phrases. You'll practice the various concepts with review exercises, repeating any section until you're comfortable. As you develop and enhance your skills, you'll learn how to:

  • Write Natural Sounding Sentences
  • Compose Personal and Business Letters
  • Create Original Stories
  • Increase your Proficiency in Vocabulary Usage

You can use the answer key not only to check your work but also to find suggestions for writing appropriate sentences for any of the exercises. So whether you're looking to supplement your classroom work or studying on your own, Writing Better English has all the tools you need to develop practical writing skills and communicate with confidence.

Paperback Book, 200 pages