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Write English Right!

Write English Right!

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ESL Homonym Workbook

Sometimes, English is confusing - even to people who have spoken and written it all their lives. Speak some words aloud and they sound alike - but they might have two, or three, or even more different meanings. Usually, they're spelled differently, too, but they sound exactly alike! Here are some examples: "so, sow, and sew", "to, too, and two", "deer and dear", "steak and stake", "break and brake". In this package, there are word lists, exercises, drills, and worksheets to help you speak, write, and understand the right meanings at the right time - and gain new confidence in your use of the English language. ESL students learn the language by writing and pronouncing English words. This combination instruction manual and workbook guides you as you write your own sentences and express your own thoughts in English.

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