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Write It in French

Write It in French

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40 Workbook Exercises of Help You Improve Your Written French

In workbook format: rules of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and explanations of conventional phrases commonly used in written and spoken French. Tear-out pages can be inserted in student notebooks, or even turned in as homework or test assignments. Appendix lists French idioms, vocabulary review by topics, and answers to all exercises. (Grades 10-11)

Learn By Doing

  • Up-to-date exercises and new techniques to help you pass language proficiency exams in French and all standardized tests in writing simple French
  • Conventional phrases commonly used in both written and spoken French help you broaden your language proficiency
  • Thirteen tests make good learning. homework. and classroom assignments. and help you gauge your progress
  • Forty short chapters of writing exercises will help you increase your proficiency in written French on a gradual. step-by-step basis
  • Appendix contains helpful summary of French sentence structure. lists of antonyms and synonyms. verb conjugations. numbers. idioms. vocabulary review by topics. and answers to all exercises.

Paperback Book, 178 pages