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Where the Action Is

Where the Action Is

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An ESL Approach to Regular Verbs

Action in any language means verbs - and being proficient in English includes knowledge of how to use verbs in all persons, tenses, and modes. For ESL students and everybody else learning English, here are clear, easy-to-follow rules for using and understanding pure regular verbs when speaking, reading, or writing. Also include in this book are tests with answer keys, as well as charts that clarify verb conjugation and time comprehension. This book includes:
  • Verb conjugation and verb tenses
  • Useful time chart designations
  • Handy verb conjugation chart
  • Pure regular verbs and their construction
  • Related words and phrases
  • Six practice tests with answer keys

You will learn not only verbs but also other words and phrases, and useful expressions. Through careful study you will increase your overall English ability in a relatively short period.

Paperback book