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Welcome to Japanese

Welcome to Japanese

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A Beginner's Survey of the Language

Get ready for a whole new approach to language history!

This concise and brilliant book offers demystifying overviews of one of Asia's most popular languages. In a novel approach to language theory, this book shows the inner mechanics of Asian languages. This guide will give you insight into Japanese unavailable anywhere else!

Through this innovative approach, readers will get acquainted with the language by learning the basic sounds and beyond, putting the words together, establishing context, putting words and ideas into writing, and some final 'rounding off" concepts.

Whether for business or social purposes, gaining insight into how the Japanese language works is an experience that is both rewarding and fun. Welcome to Japanese is not a language learning book but a concise introduction to the main characteristics of the Japanese language. It is written so as to be accessible not only to the beginning student but also to anyone considering learning the language or with a general interest in Japanese language and culture.

Paperback book, 159 pages