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You Already Know Italian

You Already Know Italian

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Learn Italian by Speaking English with 5,000 Italian Words and frasi that are nearly identico to English

You can add thousands of new words to your Italian vocabulary quickly and effortlessly!

You Already Know Italian presents more than 5,000 words in Italian that are nearly identical in form and in meaning to English, words like art (arte in Italian). You already know these words in English, so learning their Italian counterparts comes easily and in no time you will have expanded your vocabulary by thousands.

A collection of commonly used phrases and constructions allows you to use your new vocabulary in context and begin communicating right away. Each word is phonetically translated so you can pronounce your new terms confidently.

Many of the words you know in English are similar and often the same in Italian, such as arte and delizioso. And pizza, bambino, and diva have been part of our lexicon for so long you forget they were ever "foreign". You Already Know Italian is the easiest and fastest way to build your Italian vocabulary by using your prior knowledge as the foundation for language learning.

Inside you will find chapters devoted to three types of words: familiar terms, identical and similar terms, and "falsely similar" terms. By studying these words, you will realize just how many Italian words you already know and how easy it is to pick up those terms that are close in meaning to their English counterparts. You will have a 5,000-word Italian vocabulary in no time at all!

Familiar Italian terms:

  • Amore-Love -- Bandito-Outlaw -- Ciao-Hello
  • Pasta-Pasta -- Simpatico-Agreeable -- Vino-Wine

Italian words identical or similar to English ones:

  • Computer-Computer -- Jazz-Jazz -- Leader-Leader
  • Quota-Quota -- Uso-Use -- Virus-Virus

But beware these falsely similar words:

  • Ago-Needle -- Camera-Room -- Fatto-Fact
  • SaIto-Jump -- Stare-To stand -- Villano-Inconsiderate

Paperback Book, 301 pages