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Your First 100 Words in Urdu

Your First 100 Words in Urdu

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Features Flashcards and an Audio CD for Perfect Pronunciation

Unravel the riddle of Urdu Script

Finally overcome that major obstacle stopping you from learning Urdu - comprehending its alphabet! Here in Your First 100 Words in Urdu you are introduced to its alphabet and basic vocabulary in easy-to-remember bites. Each word includes its pronunciation, English meaning, and an illustration, so you can visualize a word and remember what it means!

  • Get started on the path to Urdu proficiency and:
  • Learn 100 words in eight basic topics-around the house. animals. around town. clothes. opposites. and more
  • Use Scriptbreaker Tips to help you crack the code as you read Urdu words
  • Speak Urdu confidently with help from the pronunciation guide and native speakers on the audio CD
  • Sharpen your knowledge of Urdu words, meanings, and pronunciations through audio games and tear-out flashcards
  • Practice new expressions introduced on the audio CD

Take the first step to reading and speaking in a new language with Your First 100 Words in Urdu.

Paperback Book, 64 pages with flashcards and audio CD