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Your First 100 Words in Hindi

Your First 100 Words in Hindi

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Beginner's Quick and Easy Guide to Demystifying Hindi Script

Finally overcome your major obstacle to learning Hindi-comprehending its alphabet! Thanks to Your First 100 Words in Hindi, you will no longer be perplexed by this non-roman script.

One hundred basic words are clearly presented in their Hindi alphabet, along with their correct pronunciations and English meanings. And every word is accompanied by a cartoon image, so you can easily visualize and remember its meaning!

With help from Your First 100 Words in Hindi, you will:

  • Comprehend the Hindi alphabet
  • Learn 100 words in eight basic topics-around the house, animals, around town, clothes, opposites, and more-50 you can communicate with ease
  • Use SCRIPTBREAKER TIPS to help you crack the code as you read Hindi words
  • Speak Hindi confidently with help from the PRONUNCIATION GUIDE
  • Sharpen your knowledge of Hindi words and their meanings and pronunciations with TEAR-OUT FLASHCARDS
  • Challenge yourself with GAMES AND PUZZLES

No longer will an unfamiliar alphabet intimidate you! Take the first step to reading and speaking a new language with Your First 100 Words in Hindi.

Paperback book, 80 pages including flash cards