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Your First 100 Words in Persian (Farsi)

Your First 100 Words in Persian (Farsi)

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Persian for Total Beginners Through Puzzles and Games

This beginner's Quick and Easy Guide is specifically designed to help learners overcome one of the major obstacles to learning Persian: reading the Arabic alphabet. Whether you are learning on your own or in a class, this workbook and the flash cards contained inside will help you learn Persian in the same effective way that children learn to decipher their own language.

The First 100 Words in Persian features:

  • An introduction that provides a helpful insight into the Arabic alphabet.
  • Scriptbreaker Tips help you focus on how to read Persian
  • A Pronunciation Guide describes the sounds of Persian
  • Eight Topic Chapters group the words by theme: Around the home, Clothes, Around Town, Countryside, Opposites, Animals, Parts of the Body, Useful Expressions
  • Each of the 100 words is clearly presented in Arabic script, with its English meaning, pronunciation, and an illustration to aid memorization
  • Tear-out flash cards help you recognize the Persian words and learn their meaning and pronunciation. Instructions explain how to use the flash cards as an effective learning tool
  • Extensive games and Puzzles - matching exercises, word searches, and memory tests - provide a fun way to test your ability to read, pronounce, and understand the words in each chapter.
  • Finally, a round-up chapter enables you to review all 100 words presented in the book. Answers to all exercises are included.

This practical activity book not only give you a great start to learning Persian, the language spoken by 40 million people in Iran and parts of Afghanistan, but also provides helpful ways to expand your reading vocabulary.

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