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iLingo AsiaPack IPOD

iLingo AsiaPack IPOD

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Learn foreign Languages with your iPod | Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and Cantonese

Designed for the iPod, iLingo Asia Pack is a talking phrasebook with over four hundred words and phrases translated into Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and Cantonese.

Organized for Quickness and Ease

Talking Panda iLingo is organized into categories such as: Greetings, Shopping, and Emergency, so if you are lost or stuck without a restroom, you can find the sentences you need instantly. You'll never be caught with your nose in a dictionary again.

A Lot To Talk About

iLingo contains all the basic phrases you'll need while traveling. To add to the fun we've tailored the translator for each country you'll visit. You'll be able to find a vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo.

Perfectly Pronounced

Conventional phrase books and dictionaries can't teach you pronunciation. But with Talking Panda iLingo you can replay the words and phrases as many times as you like until you can speak like a native! Or if you're really shy, pop the iPod headphones into a waiter's ear, press play, and get exactly what you want!

Local Lingo

Discover local conventions, traditional cuisine and historic landmarks with our customized database of words and phrases unique to specific countries. Going to China? We'll help make sure you find the Zhong Lie Ci with ease!

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.2 or later / Windows 2000 or XP

iPod with dock connector on the bottom (including iPod mini and Click Wheel iPod)

NOT compatible with the iPod shuffle, or any iPod that was purchased before May 2003. This includes any iPod that has a wheel that physically moves or a direct firewire connection on the top

150 MB free space on the iPod
iTunes (version 4.7 or later)