Back Roads Northern & Central Italy

DK Eyewitness Back Roads Northern & Central Italy Travel Guide

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Includes the Lakes, Venice & The Veneto, Tuscany, Umbria & The Marche

Back Roads Northern & Central Italy takes you off the highways to beautiful villages and stunning landscapes, authentic trattorias, and welcoming small hotels.

25 driving tours - ranging from one to five days - take you deep into Italy's countryside, with charming places to stay and eat along the way. Each itinerary includes a guided walk through a historic town or unspoiled countryside, plus a range of activities and tips on buying local crafts and food. Zip codes are listed for use with a GPS device. Includes:

The culture, cuisines, traditions and landscape of Northern and Central Italy are best appreciated close up - and there is no better way to home in on this endlessly fascinating part of the world than to slow down, leave the busy autostrada, and explore the countryside by its back roads.

Published: March 2018

The easiest way to explore the back roads of Italy is to carry the most detailed atlas of the country. We recommend the Touring Club Italiano (now Touring Editore) Atlas of Italy. They are famous for including even the smallest towns on their maps!

ISBN: 9781465467751