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Globetrotter Safari Guide Kenya Travel Guide

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The Indispensable Guide to Planning and Enjoying Your Travels in the finest wildlife reserves

This exciting guide aims to inspire and help travelers to plan and enjoy safaris in Kenya’s finest wildlife reserves. In addition to offering advice on planning your trip and discussing available options as well as park etiquette, the guide offers an overview of Kenya’s natural environment and wildlife, including an informative gallery of species.

Kenya’s 10 best parks or groupings of parks are profiled, which includes an overview of the featured park, a brief history, a description by area of the park, and special features to look out for. The parks all offer breathtaking scenic beauty, game viewing, a range of accommodation and facilities as well as tours and walks or hikes.

Each park profile also includes:

Features detailed maps, gallery of animal illustrations, Game-viewing and Bird-watching check list and travel tips.

Take along the Globetrotter Kenya Map - you'll always know where you are - and where you are going!

ISBN: 9781845375584